About us


Coefi Spa is a Financial Intermediary and an independent operator specialized in providing efficient and effective solutions to the different aspects characterizing the management and financing of the companies’ commercial credits.

As financial intermediaries we are aware of our role in supporting the companies in their daily operations, and we base ourselves on ancient values that can be found in the way we interpret our work and our mission:

“Credit promotes social progress in various ways. It favors accumulation of saving and discloses extended possibilities to invest it in the most advantageous ways; it increases the division of labor and the productive functions specialization, exciting the innovative forces from which the ongoing progress of technology originates; it values personal aptitudes, stimulates elevation, exchange and social solidarity, and allows the birth of a numerous class of entrepreneurs capable of performing economic activities much more extensive than the ones possible with the capitals of direct pertinence”.
(Giordano Dell’Amore, Moneta,Risparmio e Credito nel processo di sviluppo economico. 1962)


We believe that, for their nature and in performing their duties, companies like ours should ”walk on solid ground”;  the important thing is to keep walking, spreading trust and welfare on the way … aware of the role of our activity.